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The History of Forklift Batteries

With a long history involving global R & D, lead acid batteries evolved from sparks into the powerful forklift batteries we use today.

Less in the landfill 98% recyclable

As an EPA certified disposal facility we refurbish batteries and provide recycling for lead acid batteries. Working together we can make a difference.

Industrial Battery Spill? Need Training
& Some Help?

Preparation for protection, containment and neutralization is the key to reducing potential complications from an industrial battery spill.


Forklift battery and industrial battery sales, service, battery room HVAC design, battery watering and more.


Assistance with mining batteries used at surface and underground mines.


98% recyclable our solar lead acid batteries accept a quick charge and have a long life.


Our industrial forklift battery rentals are ready to use while your equipment is being shipped or repaired.

Forklift Battery
Safety Information

DC Power Solutions puts safety first when working with forklift batteries. Employees are your biggest asset and we can help you protect them. We provide useful information, advice and products including an MSDS library from DCPS, Enersys, Crown Battery, Bulldog and Quick Cable for your reference.

Are you ready in the event of an industrial battery spill? Don’t make safety an afterthought, keep a Spill Kit on hand for protection, containment and neutralization. Nothing beats careful planning for real life safety and solutions.

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Safety & Compliance

Chemical Reaction Produces Hydrogen Gas (DCPS Blog) “…there is a chemical reaction we want you to be aware of. This chemical reaction impacts battery life, maintenance economics, and poses a health risk. A critical consideration for any user considering a flooded battery solution centers on the issue of hydrogen evolution.” Read more.

Battery Spill Cleanup: Preparation is The Key (DCPS Blog) “The correct knowledge and equipment can take the panic out of nearly every situation a battery spill is one such situation. Having a spill kit and knowing how to correctly use it will greatly decrease complications. There are 3 main elements of spill cleanup PROTECTION, CONTAINMENT and NEUTRALIZATION…” Read more


Keep forklift batteries
out of the landfill

Using electric equipment is a responsible step toward going green, but you can take it a step further by recycling lead acid batteries which are 98% recyclable. We are an EPA certified Battery Disposal Facility and send all batteries to US processing facilities.

DCPS blog Positive Power

01.28.16 Sustainable Industrial Batteries

"Did you know that recycling your lead acid batteries is an easy step to take toward a greener tomorrow? These units are almost entirely recyclable, making them a more sustainable energy option. In fact, over 98% of all battery lead is recycled. This makes them the most recycled consumer product when compared to aluminum cans at 55%, newspapers at 45% and tires and glass bottles at 26%." More

Forklift Battery

Let us take the guesswork out of caring for your forklift batteries and chargers. Protect your investment with the Positive Power preventative maintenance program.

Batteries & Chargers
Review, Refurbish, Recycle

At DC Power Solutions (DCPS) protecting our communities, and the environment is a top priority. Using electric equipment is not the only way you can make a positive environmental impact (going green). Set up regularly scheduled preventative maintenance to help increase the life of your forklift batteries and check to make sure that you're charging your forklift batteries in the recommended manner.

refurbishing when possible and recycling lead acid batteries with us, as an EPA certified battery disposal facility, helps by keeping batteries out of the landfill. Forklift batteries and industrial batteries are almost entirely recyclable and we recycle scrap batteries at US processing facilities. By working with DCPS you’re strengthening the economy as well as protecting the environment. Please contact us to find out how we can help you recycle your industrial batteries properly and within current U.S. federal and state laws.

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