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Recycling Lead Acid Batteries
DCPS Blog by Suzanne Nikolaisen

Video: Lead Battery Recycling by HowStuffWorks

Industry, mining and manufacturing may not at first bring to mind thoughts of recycling, but the good news is that this doesn’t mean that it’s not on the mind's of our clients both big and small. Electric lead acid batteries which are often used for mining and industry can be recycled. In fact lead acid batteries are 98% + recyclable. The HowStuffWorks video "Lead Battery Recycling” shows a behind the scenes look at what happens when a lead acid battery is sent to be recycled. The video references the Doe Run lead recycling facility in Boss, Missouri and the extraordinary recycling process, the complexities, and the benefits.

The companies we partner with not only have scrap batteries that they need to dispose of responsibly, but they want them recycled and not thrown into the landfill. Protecting our communities and the environment is important to us! As an EPA Certified battery disposal facility we're committed to our role as a community resource making sure that lead acid batteries are recycled and that they’re processed at US facilities.

We accept lead-acid batteries at our office, where you can drop them off during business hours, or we are happy to pick them up. We accept UPS’s, car batteries, fork lift batteries and industrial batteries. (Note: we do not accept small household batteries, laptop batteries, nickel cadmium or lithium batteries.) Let us know if we can help you recycle your lead acid batteries. 800-326-0691