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Industrial Lead Acid Batteries

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Battery Case Studies

Here's what our clients are saying about our industrial lead acid batteries and chargers.

Forklift loading boxes

Forklift Batteries

Need help with your forklift batteries? We've got your back with sales, service and reporting.

Mining equipment

Mining Batteries

Mining battery specialists work onsite or at our shop. Battery data shows the big picture.

Backup batteries

Battery Room Design

Designing and installing a forklift battery room with proper HVAC? We can help!

Solar panel on roof

Solar | Going Green

Energy storage, solar deep cycle batteries, take a quick charge and are 98% recyclable.

Battery chargers

Battery Chargers

User friendly, ready-to-go, ferroresonant, high frequency, flooded industrial battery chargers.

Service area with batteries.

Battery Service

Forklift battery and mining battery service and support techs repair, refurbish, test, drill out bad cells, and get batteries working.

Battery and charger rentals on flatbed truck

Battery Rentals

Reduce warehouse downtime with a rental forklift battery to keep business rolling while your battery is being repaired, or is on order.

Refurbish & Recycle Lead Acid Batteries

Lead acid batteries aren't always spent when you think they are. We test and find the problems and can fix and refurbish batteries to extend their use. There are laws that guide the disposal of lead acid batteries and fines if this is not done properly.

We're an EPA certified battery disposal facility and we work exclusively with U.S. lead recycling facilities. We can help you dispose of, and recycle, your industrial batteries.

Forklift & Mining Battery Service
& Support

Take the guesswork out of caring for your forklift batteries (battery chargers) and mining batteries. We are dedicated to helping you protect your investment. Help prolong the life of your lead acid batteries through regularly scheduled battery maintenance.

We manage battery inspections, waterings, calibrations, washings and more to insure that you get the longest possible life out of your equipment.