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Battery Spill Cleanup: Preparation is The Key
DCPS Blog by S. Chase Vincent

As part of our commitment to safety we have put together a guide and video for safe spill cleanup.

The correct knowledge and equipment can take the panic out of nearly every situation a battery spill is one such situation. Having a spill kit and knowing how to correctly use it will greatly decrease complications. There are 3 main elements of spill cleanup PROTECTION, CONTAINMENT and NEUTRALIZATION.

Protect Yourself

First and foremost you need to protect yourself and those around you through the use of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and warning others of the spill. It is important to protect not only your skin and eyes but also your respiratory system. Every piece of PPE that comes with your spill kit is important.


After you have properly protected yourself you need to prevent the spill from spreading. There are a few safe and easy ways to block the flow of electrolyte, but using the absorbent sock provided in your spill kit is the easiest and quickest. Removing the problem battery to a containment area will also aid in stopping the spills advancement.


Neutralizing the spill is simple and crucial. Although any approved neutralizer will work, using the absorber in the kit along with our color change neutralizer will make this step a breeze. After neutralization you are ready to dispose of any contaminated materials in accordance with your Local, State and Federal regulations. If you ever have any questions or need ANY help please don't hesitate to contact us.