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Many forklifts run on electricity and the forklift batteries that run these electric machines are substantially larger than car batteries and require ongoing care to keep them working at their best and can help keep them running for a longer period of time so you get the most out of your investment.

DC Power Solutions offers a Preventative Maintenance program supporting the complete life cycle of lead acid forklift batteries from sales, maintenance, efficient on-demand support, refurbishing, recycling and disposing of forklift batteries in accordance with current laws. Plus our reporting technology allows you to take a look under the hood at how your battery fleet is performing.

Preventative Maintenance

Responsive Support
& Friendly Help

Our team is not just detail oriented, but data driven, and ready to help when you need us, even for after-hour emergencies. We have years of experience working with forklift batteries and have helped design battery rooms, and HVAC, for clients with both big and small facilities. It's important to keep hydrogen evolution in mind as you store your battery fleet.

Simply recycling your forklift battery and buying a new battery to replace the spent one, is not the only option open to you. Simplify things by talking to us and taking advantage of our experience. We offer rentals during service, refurbish batteries, and more; with complimentary brainstorming.

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