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Do you have questions about a forklift battery or need help with an industrial battery? We're happy to answer questions and believe that every lead acid battery counts from brand spanking new to refurbished, and recycled (amperes and volts included).


Let us take the guesswork out of caring for your industrial batteries and chargers. Protect your investment with the Positive Power Maintenance program.

Strong, Lasting Partnerships
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Darrin’s vision for DC Power Solutions has never been to simply sell and repair lead acid batteries and industrial charger inventory, but to create lasting partnerships for the long run, by keeping clients informed and becoming their trusted go-to. As one of the major Enersysa and Crown Battery distributorships in the country DCPS provides the highest quality products available along with advanced services, and data reporting solutions.

We provide onsite and in-house repairs and service for forklift batteries, mining batteries and other industries like warehouse, locomotive, solar, aerospace and more.


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