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Case Studies

Joe Granato, Inc.

Local business, Joe Granatos Inc., has been in business since 1964 providing wholesale fruit and produce (daily) to the community. They rely on DC Power Solutions (DCPS) for assistance with the batteries for their forklifts and palette jacks.

When a battery goes out and a new battery is needed DCPS battery experts check the battery cells first before we sell them a new one. This process ensures that Joe Granato Inc. doesn’t buy a battery unless it’s needed. Our service technicians in the shop can often fix a battery and a new battery is not always the answer.

DCPS created a custom PM program to meet their needs, with scheduled battery watering occurring every two months. This takes the redundant task off his employees and gives DCPS the ability to monitor their battery fleet firsthand

DCPS Video: Joe Granato, Inc. Testimonial (1:19)