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If you need an industrial forklift battery temporarily, that's a tricky place to be in! Waiting for a new lead acid battery to arrive, or for a battery to be repaired could mean downtime, but renting a battery can keep your business moving and is something our clients have come to count on. Our rental fleet of batteries and chargers are ready to go, and can fill in while your equipment is being shipped or repaired. Short and long term rentals are available in the most common sizes.

> Emergency assistance (24x7)
> You pickup or we deliver*
> Installation included
> Preventative maintenance option available
> No money down

*Delivery fee

If you need a battery or charger rental please contact us, we're happy to answer your questions.

Emergencies | 800-326-0691

For 24-hour assistance/emergencies please call (801) 521-3067 or 800-326-0691 for directions on how to reach us.

Keeping Business Moving

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Don't let a forklift battery problem stop your business in it's tracks! Simply rent a battery and you won't have to delay day-to-day workflow.

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Batteries aren't always ready for the recycle truck, often there's more energy storage verified through testing and reporting.

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Whether you're battery just isn't performing or you need help on any level, from safety and repairs, to sales give us a call. We can help.