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Sustainable Industrial Batteries
DCPS Blog by Emily Nikolaisen

Look for a greener tomorrow with sustainable energy and recycling starting with industrial batteries that have a large footprint.

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Almost Entirely Recyclable

Did you know that recycling your lead acid batteries is an easy step to take toward a greener tomorrow? These units are almost entirely recyclable, making them a more sustainable energy option. In fact, over 98% of all battery lead is recycled. This makes them the most recycled consumer product when compared to aluminum cans at 55%, newspapers at 45% and tires and glass bottles at 26%.

Each year, about 14 million old and drained car batteries are recycled, but we can still do more. The lead acid battery recycling process can be done over and over again, so it's imperative that we continue to reuse the metal and plastics that these batteries contain. If we don't, lots of material will go to waste. For example, one car battery generally contains 20 pounds of lead. To prevent these batteries (including those for golf carts, RV, forklift, mining and other industrial batteries) from sitting in a landfill, dispose of them in an environmentally friendly way.

Remember to discard your lead acid batteries properly to avoid large fines. DC Power Solutions is an EPA certified drop off point for spent lead acid batteries (we'll also pick up large industrial batteries free of charge). Let us help you go green by recycling your batteries.

The batteries you use at home can be recycled too (DCPS only recycles lead acid batteries). CBS News shared details about what happens to household batteries in their video Powering the Future: The Benefits of Battery Recycling.

If you have batteries to recycle or questions about the process please contact us.

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